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WELCOME HOUSE Adoption Agency

Opened in 1949, Welcome House, INC. was the first interracial and international adoption agency in the world. Originally designed to help place children born in the United States to one American parent and one Asian parent, the organization quickly expanded to include the adoption of Amerasians from their native countries. Eventually, the services came to include adoption of children orphaned or abandoned in other countries, whether they were part American or not.

Established by the award winning writer Pearl S. Buck, the agency changed many adoption laws and stigmas across the country. No longer did an adopted child have to have similar features of the adoptive parents, and it wasn't unusual for parents to adopt children of another race.

The Welcome House has now placed over 6,000 needy children and still continues to do so.


The Pearl S. Buck Foundation came about in 1964, when Buck received the Gimbel Award for Humanity to which a monetary prize of $10,000 was attached. This money was put toward helping amerasian children in Asia, many of whom were abandoned by both worlds to which they belonged.

Today, the foundation assists those who qualify with medical and dental expenses, as well as with the cost of an education. Help only ends when the child's education is over; covering college and graduate school if necessary.

Pearl Buck originally wanted her two endeavors to work as one and benefit each other, however it wasn't until 1992 that Welcome House and The Pearl S. Buck Foundation finally merged. They now touch the lives of needy children across the globe, including those in Korea, the Philippines, Thialand, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Brazil, Romania, Russia, and China.

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