Common Threads

Meetings Held during the 1999-2000 Academic Year


Bullet September 22, 1999: Organizational Meeting

Bullet October 6, 1999: UFO (UnFinished Object)

Bullet October 20, 1999: Needlepoint Techniques with Allison Sterrett and Frances Webb

Bullet November 3, 1999: Quilting Techniques: Hand-piecing Geometric Patterns with Carolyn Wiley

Bullet November 17, 1999: Quilting Techniques: Rotary Cutting with Carolyn Wiley

Bullet December 1, 1999: Winter Holiday Party

Bullet December 15, 1999: UFO (UnFinished Object)

Bullet January 19, 2000: English Smocking with Harriet Whitten

Bullet February 2, 2000: Cutwork with Sarah Kate Sanders

Bullet February 16, 2000: Tatting with Nancy Cowden

Bullet March 1, 2000: Machine Quilting Demonstration with Sarah Swager

Bullet March 15, 2000: Show and Tell and UFO (UnFinished Object)

Bullet March 29, 2000: Tatting Review with Frances Webb

Bullet April 12, 2000: UFO (UnFinished Object)

Bullet April 26, 2000: UFO (UnFinished Object)

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If you have any questions or comments, please contact one of the group coordinators:
    Anne Buckmaster
    Kate Goodman
    Lynne Weaver
    Frances Webb

If you would like your name added to the Common Threads distribution list, please e-mail Frances Webb.

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