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The Problem Solving Competition

Problems for February 2010

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First set of Problems of 2009-2010 in The Problem Solving Competition
Problems for September 09


Past Activities


The Discrete Wavelet Transform and Digital Image Compression (Nov 09)


Fermat's Last Tango (Nov 10,2009)

Happy      Day!!!




Celebrate with us on Friday Mar 20, 3:00 pm onwards in front of Martin Science Building.

Activities: Pie toss, Einstein Hairdo, Calculating Pi, Writing out the digits of Pi on sticky notes, Bake Sale and Button Sale.

Contests: Best Einstein Look Alike , Geek of the Year Contest

The Lucky Winner of Nasty Pie Eating Contest will be announced at 4pm



Come and enjoy the first talk of the year by our very own

Cheridan Harris about The Butterfly Effect

as we celebrate the revival of the RC Math Club

with pizza and drinks and cake!

February 24 2009, Martin 315 @7pm




First Meeting of 2008-2009
         Wed Sep 24 12:30-1:30pm @Martin 315


Feb. 28, Thursday,  7:00 pm  @ Martin 315


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