What our Alums Have Done Graduate School
Nway OO '08SABoston Architectural CollegeArchitecture
Erin Briggs '07AHUniversity of ChicagoMA Humanities
Nora McMillen '04SAUniversity of TexasMA Museum Education
Miranda Smith 07SA*University of LouisvilleMA Art Therapy
Sally Goodrich '06AHRandolph CollegeMA Education
Kanako Muraguchi '06SASavannah School of the ArtsMFA Textile Design
Jessie Ware '06SAParsons School of DesignMFA Fashion Design
Kieran Matthews '05AHUniversity of VirginiaPhD Art History
Irina Mihalache '05MSNew York UniversityMA French Cultural Studies
Irina Mihalache '05MSCarleton UniversityPhD Communication
Kim Thompson '05AHUniversity of BristolPhD Art History
Rachel Bradshaw '04SAUniversity of Las VegasMFA Creative Writing
Lani Goldstab '04AHSan Diego State UniversityMFA Art History
Selina Konnick '04AHCity University of New YorkPhD Art History
Nora McMillen '04SAFashion Institute, NYFifth-year Textile Design
Hanne Petterson '04AHVirginia Commonwealth Univ.MA Art History
Alex Horn '03MSSotheby 's, LondonMA Art Market
Andreea Mihalache '03AHPenn State UniversityPhD International Studies
Mami Fujita '02SAByam Shaw School of Art, LondonMA Painting
Livia Lew '00AHUniversity of IllinoisMFA Theatre Light/Design
Bethany Maixner '00SANew York UniversityMA Painting
Ruth Chaffin '98SAUniversity of LouisvilleMA Art Therapy
Diony Cook '99SASavannah School of the ArtsMFA Animation Art
Chelsea Blanchard '98MSBoston UniversityMA Historic Preservation
Kathryn Fletcher '98AHUniversity of LondonMA Art & Architecture
Courtney Hamrick '98AHUniversity of ArizonaMA Art History
Erin Hennessy '98SAUniversity of PennMA Education
Alison Miner '98SAQueens College, CUNYMFA Painting
Jen Madeley Dunn '97SAAmerican UniversityMFA Painting
Sima Farra '97SASavannah School of the ArtsMFA Illustration
Millie Payne '97SAVirginia TechMA Interior Design
Esperanza Altamar '96SAUniversity of PennMFA Sculpture
Susannah Bing '96AHMA Landscape Architecturev
Alston Johnsto '95SANew York UniversityMA Painting
Alston Johnston '95SAUniversity of PennMFA Painting
Museum and Arts-related Employment
Maggie Williams '08AH Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Assistant Registrar of Collections
Alison Miner '98SAHirschhorn Museum, Washington D.C., Assistant Curator
Rebecca Grawl '06MSAmazement Square Children 's Museum, Lynchburg, Exhibit & Program Coordinator
Jillian Lum, 06 'SAAmazement Square Children 's Museum, Lynchburg
Alex Lawson '04SAEducation Department at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., 2004
CASVA, National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C., 2005
Smithsonian Business office 2006 - 08
Georgetown University Press, Graphic Designer 2008
Hanne Petterson '04AH/MSCurator at the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo, Norway.
Mami Fujita '02SALibrarian in London at the Byam Shaw School of Art, 2006
Caitlin Harvey '02AHArchitectural historian for a historic architecture/preservation firm in San Francisco
Alice Houser '00Education Department, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston 2000-01
Levia Lew '00AHLighting Designer for the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian
Chelsea Blanchard '98AHHistoric Preservation firm in Boston, Massachusetts
Ruth Chaffin '98SAArt therapist in Austin, Texas
Jessica Crittenden '98AHDirector of the Ann Loeb Bronfman Gallery at the Morris Cafritz Center for the Arts, Washington, D.C.
Courtney Hamrick '98AHPublication Department of the Museum of Photography in San Diego, California
Linda Holton '98SAAssistant curator of the Lynchburg Museum System
Esperanza Altimar '96SAMuseum of Modern Art, New York. Assistant to Chief Curator, Kirk Varnedoe Department of Painting and Sculpture, 2000-2002
Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo. Assistant Curator of Education for Community Programs, 2002-2004
Elizabeth Callicot '96Christies, London, England
Lisa Skrabek '95AHAssistant Director of Babcock Gallery, New York, NY
Museum and Arts-related Internships
Margaret Jordan '08SAWhitney Museum of American Art, New York 2007
Claire Hudiburgh '08AHZenith Gallery, Washington, DC, 2007
Rebecca Hinsberger '07SAAcademy of Fine Arts, Lynchburg, 2006
Kanako Muraguchi '06SAInternship in textile design, Los Angeles, 2007
Shastan Kusche '06SAAmazement Square Children 's Museum, 2006
Jessica Ware '06SACoach Designers, New York, 2007
Erin Dunn '09AH/MSChrysler Museum of Art, 2006
Amanda Williams '05AHChrysler Museum of Art, 2005
Evelyn Shoop '02MED/RENCloisters, 2001
Whitney DixonAHFirst Museum of Art, Nashville, 2006
Claire Fraser '03AHHistoric Deerfield, Deerfield, Massachusetts, 2003
Kimberly Reynolds '03SALegacy Museum, 2001-2002 and 2002-2003
Sally Goodrich '06AHLegacy Museum, 2004-2005
Brandie Williams '99AHLynchburg Fine Arts Center, 1999
Chelsea Blanchard '98AHLynchburg Museum, 1998
Sally Goodrich '06AHLynchburg Museum
Linda Holton '98SALynchburg Museum
Sarah Sternin '95SAMaier Museum of Art, 1995
Robin Short '98SAMaier Museum of Art, 1996 [spring and summer]
Linda Holton '98SAMaier Museum of Art, 1997
Courtney Hamrick '98AHMaier Museum of Art, 1997
Carole Belleau '98SAMaier Museum of Art, 1998
Kathryn Fletcher '98AHMaier Museum of Art, 1998
Heather Spears '99MED/RENMaier Museum of Art, 1998
Seraphima Schnieder '98AHMaier Museum of Art, 1998
Rebecca Howell '01AHMaier Museum of Art, 1999
Lenore Green '00AH/MSMaier Museum of Art, 1999-2000
Alice Houser '00AHMaier Museum of Art, 1999-2000
Elise Le Gallo '01AHMaier Museum of Art, 1999-2000
Marcia Swain '00AHMaier Museum of Art, 1999-2000
Tammy Israel '00SAMaier Museum of Art, 2000
Rebecca Howell '01AHMaier Museum of Art, 2000-2001
Catherine Watts '01AHMaier Museum of Art, 2000-2001
Hanne Pettersen '04AH/MSMaier Museum of Art, 2001
Andreea Mihalache '03AHMaier Museum of Art, 2001-2002
Hanne Pettersen '04AH/MSMaier Museum of Art, 2001-2002
Evelyn Shoop '03MED/RENMaier Museum of Art, 2002
Adela Hoop Johnson '03Maier Museum of Art, 2002-2003
Cheryl Rychkov '05AH/MSMaier Museum of Art, 2003
Selina Konnick '04AHMaier Museum of Art, 2003-2004
Haley Koch '05SAMaier Museum of Art, 2004-2005
Kimberly Thompson '05AHMaier Museum of Art, 2005
Kieran Matthews '05AHMaier Museum of Fine Arts, 2005-2006
Rebecca Grawl '06MSMaier Museum of Art, 2005-2006
Jillian Lum '06SAMaier Museum of Art, 2006
Amando Sandos '08SAMaier Museum of Art, 2007
Maggie Williams '08AHMuseum of Anthropology, Reading, England, 2007
Lisa Skrabek '95AH/MSMuseum of Fine Arts, Houston, 1995
Elizabeth Callicot '96AHMuseum of Fine Arts, Houston, 1996
Catherine Farish '97AH/MSMuseum of Fine Arts, Houston, 1997
Lenore Green '00AH/MSMuseum of Fine Arts, Houston, 1999
Alice Houser '00AHMuseum of Fine Arts, Houston, 2000
Andreea Mihalache '03AH/INTSMuseum of Fine Arts, Houston, 2001
Hanne Pettersen '04AH/MSMuseum of Fine Arts, Houston, 2004
Irina Mihalache '03AH/COMMMuseum of Fine Arts, Houston, 2005
Rebecca Grawl '06MSMuseum of Fine Arts, Houston, 2006
Katherine Balcerek '08MS/HISTMuseum of Fine Arts, Houston, 2007
Maggie Williams '08AHMuseum of Fine Arts, Houston, 2008
Emily Patton '07AHMuseum of Natural History, Glascow, Scotland
Alexandra Lawson '04SANational Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., 2004
Alexandra Lawson '04SANational Gallery of Art (CASVA) Washington 2005
Holley KilcullenSmithsonian American Art Museum, 1993-1994
Jessica Bern '97AHSmithsonian American Art Museum, 1996
Shannon Bowen '96HISTSmithsonian American Art Museum, 1996
Kelly Campbell '96COMMSmithsonian American Art Museum, 1996
Catherine Farish '97AH/MSSmithsonian American Art Museum, 1996
Viviana Munoz '97Smithsonian American Art Museum, 1997
Courtney Hamrick '98AHSmithsonian American Art Museum, 1998
Jessica Crittenden '99AH/MSSmithsonian American Art Museum, 1999
Levia Lew '2000AHSmithsonian American Art Museum, 1999
Catherine Farish '96AH/MSVirginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, 1995
Deirdre Kint '96AHVirginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, 1996
Jessica Crittenden '99AH/MSVirginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, 1997
Bethany Maixner '00SAVirginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, 1998
Brandie Williams '99AHVirginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, 1999
Judith Covington '01SAVirginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, 2001
Kate Carrigan '02AHVirginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, 2002
Other internships
Sarah Greer '96SAGallery 720, 1995
Allison Gatto '97SANews & Advance, 1996
Millie Payne '97SACraddock Cunningham Architecture, 1996
Carole Belleau '98SAArt Forms, 1998
Diony Cook '99SAAdvertising Design, 2000
Elizabeth Carter '05SATexas Monthly Magazine, 2005
Sarah Summers '06AHLondon Youth Arts Network, 2005
Haley Koch '05SAThundersky Pictures, 2005-2006
Anne Haley '07SAClinton Global Initiative, 2006
Emily Hanson '09AHLyric Opera, Chicago, 2008
Nway Oo '08SANantucket Historic Preservation, 2007
Katherine Balcerek '08MSNantucket Historic Preservation, 2006
Emily Patton '07AH/MSNantucket Historic Preservation, 2004
Andreea Mihalache '03IST/AHNantucket Historic Preservation, 2002
Chelsea Blanchard '98AH/MSNantucket Historic Preservation, 1998
Brittany Hagar '08AHSummer Research with Andrea Campbell, 2005
Sally Reid '97SAFull scholarship, Yale Summer School of Music and Art, 1996
Competitive Summer Art Programs Students Have Been Accepted To

Chautuaqua School of Art

International School of Art in Umbria, Italy

Pont-Aven School of Art, Brittany

Studio Art Centers International in Florence, Italy

Vermont Studio School

Summer Studio Program at Virginia Commonwealth University

Yale Summer School of Music and Art, Norfolk

Virginia Commonwealth University

Museum Employment of Alumnae Who Graduated Prior to 1995
Ellen AgnewMaier Museum of Art, Curator, Associate Director, Director
Suzanne FoleyBayley Museum, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Curator
Alicia LongwellParrish Museum, South Hampton, New York, Chief Curator
Carol SmithMuseum of Modern Art, New York, Research Associate
Anne TuckerMuseum of Fine Arts, Houston, the Gus and Lyndall Wortham Curator of Photography. Tucker was a recipient of fellowships by the National Endowment for the Arts, the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation and the Getty Center. In a 2001 issue devoted to 'America 's Best, ' Time magazine named her 'America 's Best Curator. '
SAStudio Art major
SA*Studio Art concentration
AHArt History major
MSMuseum Studies concentration
MED/RENMedieval and Renaissance Studies

Double majors are not indicated